leaking even more Nerf Blasters: Mini Mischief & 4 Victory

As reported by other Nerf bloggers before, is developing into „the mother of all leaks“. So if you are looking for new, unreleased blasters, you should not only take a look at but also Because even if the Brits tend to be defined as conservative, they’re quite liberal when Nerf leaks are involved…

So I found these two new Nerf Rebelle Blasters that have been unnoticed for too long;) The Nerf Rebelle 4 Victory Blaster and the Nerf Rebelle Secrets & Spies Mini Mischief Blaster.


Nerf Rebelle Secrets & Spies Mini Mischief Blaster

Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Mini Mischief Blaster

Nerf Rebelle Mini Mischief Blaster (Produktfoto von

Hiding behind this epicly long name is a blaster that is characterized most by its main feature: the foldable barrel (and probably also hand grip). The image doesn’t show very much but it is save to assume that this single shot pistol is primed by a priming rod and unfolds on a push of the button next to the trigger. The shape of the blaster might have good potential for aesthetic mods once you get rid of the ugly folding barrel. Needless to say, modders see the potential performance after a spring replacement and rebarreling this interesting-looking pistol. product link.

 Nerf Rebelle 4 Victory Blaster

nerf rebelle 4 victory blaster

Nerf Rebelle 4 Victory Blaster (Produktbild von

A first glance at the thumbnail image had me guessed that the  Nerf Rebelle 4 Victory Blaster is a pistol with a small 4-shot turret. The large image however shows that this new Nerf Gun is equipped with a 4-shot Smart AR-System that is used by Nerf quite frequently recently. Additionally, the blaster comes with a holster, quite similar to the one the Sweet Revenge was equipped with.

I personally love this system because it makes multishot dartblasters possible that still stay compact. Apart from the Crossfire Bow and the Rocket Raccoon Blaster, previous Smart AR Systems had either had two, three, five or 8 shots (if you count the double system of the Rough Cut). But whereas the Rocket Raccoon Blaster didn’t have much more to offer than its 4-shot barrel system, the 4 Victory Blaster has much more:

Compared to the similar Nerf Rebelle Messenger the 4 Victory Blaster wins twice: Not only does it have an additional shot, it also uses the priming handle which made the Double Strike and the Hammershot great – instead of a priming rod (like the Messenger did). The days, when the Messenger kept the title „best Rebelle blaster ever“ are surely passing:) product link.