Some more Tek Recon official statements concerning „The Bayarea Tek Recon Review“

Some more Tek Recon official statements concerning „The Bayarea Tek Recon Review“

Short notice for the English readers, Germans will get a full article on Tek Recon soon//Nur kurz fürs Englischsprachige Web, ich schreibe gerade an einem vollen Artikel über TR auf Deutsch:

I asked Tek Recon for a statement concerning some criticism from the Bayarea Review. My first issue was that the review complains about the cheap build quality. All pictures I had seen so far showed the blasters look much more metallic. I asked a little aggressively whether the blaster got a design downgrade to make production cheaper. TR responded:

„To be clear, the quality of TEK RECON blasters is exceptional and no compromises were made on the blasters to reduce costs. Our goal was and is to produce top performing blasters. We have received hundreds of comments from around the world that the look, feel and functionality of our product exceeds expectations. As is the case with almost all new products showcased at NY Toy Fair, the samples at the retailer preview show, were hand made models and are not expected to be final production.“


So the blasters may not look the same as on photos and in the videos from the Toy Fair but they really stand behind their product. Period. As for the fact that the Trigger pull is so long: Anybody who already had a Nerf Snapfire in Hand knows what a large trigger pull is;) The trigger is used to stretch the rubber band and thus has to have a long pull. I think the rapid fire trigger is also meant as an alternative to the trigger.

That BayArea’s Hammerhead was probably faulty is already pretty much assured but I wanted to get a statement on that as well. I asked if there were any new insights on why the blaster is performing so badly.

„As for range, we have done thousands of tests and stand by the fact that TEK RECON Blasters will fire 75 ft or more. We posted a video on our facebook fan page that you can reference.“

Here’s said video, which you probably all know. I think we will just have to leave it like that and wait for more test vids. But I have already read comments reporting shots over 75ft.


As to why the range is not on the box? No idea, maybe then you won’t need to change the package for countries that have the Metric System? But there you have it, TR guarantees those 75ft shots to be real.



Folgt Chris

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